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11 November
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01. about the girl
betty, eighteen, italy. 5'2'' feet of sarcasm and self-destruction. her soul is mostly made up of film, piano keys, cute kittys, book quotes, diet coke and pizza cartons. she loves to travel and to act, and wishes she had more time and money to dedicate herself to that. she tends to procrastinate a lot and usually says the wrong thing at the wrong time, also she doesn't normally use the third person when talking about herself but meh, get over it.

02. about the journal
I use this blog mostly to publish my artwork, either graphics or traditional art or photography or whatever floats my boat. I also have a fanfiction blog (mainly Italian) here.

03. about the fandoms
doctor who, harry potter, bbc sherlock, life on mars, merlin, skins, once upon a time, the walking dead, lord of the rings, star wars, the beatles, friends, disney, marvel, (etc)
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